Kailesh Ira

Nineteen. Worship David Attenborough. Want to be a professional tree hugger and travel the world pretending to be an asian Jesus. Oh I also lick rock. #Iridium
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Hair done, now for the beard. XD

So it turns out my sim card is delayed by a couple of days, but on the other hand its going to be the same number. :/


I’m coming home, coming home. Tell the world I’m coming home!

Got this bad boy!! #Malaysia #lonelyplanet #Borneo #Malay #Language

Got stung by a hornet on the leg….how I managed to hold my tears in I don’t know!! #straightupstabbed

Entering a body of water without knowing how deep it is, climbing a waterfall whilst the water gushes down, crawling on your front through stones and pebbles, checking every step to make sure you don’t slip, touching bat poo everywhere you touch, seeing a tail whip spider, getting bitten by a crab and standing there in pitch black. Now that was one hell of a cave!!

Getting bitten by a shit load of mosquitoes whilst doing yoga in the sun!! Darn bugs!!!!!

Entering the forest looking like Beyonce and returning like Ke$ha. Mother nature you ma boo! :/

I’m I lucky or what?!! #peacock #mating #indianpeacock #birdpark #Malaysia

Polish night! #KualaLumpur #yellowhouse #polish #party

All set for Polish night! #Malaysia


Got harassed by local dogs :’(

First in Malaysia and 2 dead turtles #Malaysia #animal #turtle